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Recoil has functionality to allow you to observe and update state changes.


This API is currently under development and will change. Please stay tuned...

Observing All State Changes#

You can use a hook such as useRecoilSnapshot() or useRecoilTransactionObserver_UNSTABLE() to subscribe to state changes and obtain a Snapshot of the new state.

Once you have a Snapshot, you can use methods such as getLoadable(), getPromise(), and getInfo_UNSTABLE() to inspect the state and use getNodes_UNSTABLE() to iterate over the set of known atoms.

function DebugObserver(): React.Node {
const snapshot = useRecoilSnapshot();
useEffect(() => {
console.debug('The following atoms were modified:');
for (const node of snapshot.getNodes_UNSTABLE({isModified: true})) {
console.debug(node.key, snapshot.getLoadable(node));
}, [snapshot]);
return null;
function MyApp() {
return (
<DebugObserver />

Observing State Changes On-Demand#

Or, you can use the useRecoilCallback() hook to obtain a Snapshot on-demand.

function DebugButton(): React.Node {
const onClick = useRecoilCallback(({snapshot}) => async () => {
console.debug('Atom values:');
for (const node of snapshot.getNodes_UNSTABLE()) {
const value = await snapshot.getPromise(node);
console.debug(node.key, value);
}, []);
return <button onClick={onClick}>Dump State</button>

Time Travel#

The useGotoRecoilSnapshot() hook can be used to update the entire Recoil state to match the provided Snapshot. This example maintains a history of state changes with the ability to go back and restore previous global state.

Snapshot's also provide a getID() method. That can be used, for example, to help determine if you are reverting to a previous known state to avoid updating your snapshot history.

function TimeTravelObserver() {
const [snapshots, setSnapshots] = useState([]);
const snapshot = useRecoilSnapshot();
useEffect(() => {
if (snapshots.every(s => s.getID() !== snapshot.getID())) {
setSnapshots([...snapshots, snapshot]);
}, [snapshot]);
const gotoSnapshot = useGotoRecoilSnapshot();
return (
{, i) => (
<li key={i}>
Snapshot {i}
<button onClick={() => gotoSnapshot(snapshot)}>